Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vintage Multicolor Furniture —Surprise Shopping!

When you order from most furniture lines, the pieces come in exactly as shown. With a floor model sample to view the finish and color you can surely order matching dressers or sideboards, etc. and they will be exactly what you expected.

This is not so with much of the reclaimed Vintage Multicolored furniture. You can view pieces to see what the finish will be, weight and size. But as far as colors go... that's the surprise! With mostly a cinnamon brown undertone, the colors and distress all vary. We recently ordered 3 (last ones) of a Teak Bed Box with carved front. The picture that these were chosen from was this:

And the ones that showed up were these:

This was just fabulous! Even the carving is a little different on each one.

If you would like to see these interesting one-of-a-kind pieces, come down to The Seven Drawers, 8530 - 109 Street, Edmonton • 780.989.1910

Friday, 25 May 2012

A Dining Table that seats 4-12?

This is just fabuloso! I've never seen anything like it! A table that expands from 60" to 132" —Wow.

The Vers-A-Table is useful for all occasions, whether seating a family of four or a holiday dinner for twelve. This innovative table can manage the job seamlessly utilizing three self storing leaves. The Vers-A-Table comes in four different finishes. Two are two-toned, called Bristol Point (honey/chestnut & oak/espresso). The Montreal is more contemporary in full espresso and the Toluca which has a distressed finish in rustic amber. These tables are all solid asian hardwood with 3/4" thick tops.

This furniture is not made of reclaimed woods but the Toluca has a distressed, rustic finish which resembles the reclaimed styles of today. There are sale prices right now until July 4th for the Toluca and Bristol Point Vers-A-Tables:

Toluca Vers-A-Table
Vers-A-Table with 6 Ladderback Chairs:
(TOL-R0-6-17-L, TOL-RA-2-75-K)
Regularly $1969  
Now Only $1629

This picture is the table all pulled out, seating 12 guests.

This is the Toluca with all the leaves folded into the table.

This is the Montreal Vers-A-Table in full espresso finish. A more contemporary look.

Call The Seven Drawers at 780-989-1910 for more information on the Vers-A-Table.

Sunday, 13 May 2012

WANTED: A Really Rustic Wood Top Table...

Many of our guests are looking for a reclaimed table with a really rustic style top. While many reclaimed combination woods can look really rustic, I think the Elm is our favourite. Elm has a very large grain with a chunky appeal where any cracking that may happen just adds to its charm. Primarily out of China, old Elm doors make awesome table tops and reclaimed Elm planks are used for consoles such as the Jaden and Kendari collections.

Other reclaimed combination tables are also very chunky and are 100% Eco-friendly! Made from reclaimed and restored teak planks and old wood sourced from old buildings and ship yards. These collections include the Holmes and Aurora.

Note: Each piece is unique. Colors and distress will vary.
Also Note: These pieces are VERY heavy.

 Jaden Reclaimed Elm Console • 68W x 18D x 36H • 110lbs
 Kendari Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table • 60W x 36D x 19H • 88lbs
 Holmes Reclaimed Combination Dining Table • 84W x 39.5D x 30H
 Aurora Reclaimed Combination Dining Table 78W x 32D x 30H

Newton Reclaimed Combination Dining Table 71W x 35D x 30H

If you are interested in any of these items, they are all in stock in Los Angeles right now and available to order. Call or come into the store to see about any sale prices on these pieces.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Reclaimed Pine Promotional Dining Sets

We have some fantastic promotional Reclaimed Pine Dining sets in stock (in Canada) right now. Each piece of this solid "old wood" furniture is bench built using only reclaimed and recycled woods to create a genuine old world charm. The finish is created by hand rubbing high performance polishing oils which creates an aged patina.

These pieces come in a cherry (African Dusk) finish and four different two-tone finishes. If you go to our website you can see all the quick ship reclaimed pine pieces available now. Join our mailing list for exclusive discount offers and will also enter to win a Reclaimed Wine Cabinet!

People come in and ask if this is an Antique Furniture store... I guess it is and isn't at the same time. In the Reclaimed Furniture world there are items such as a 160-year old solid elm door that has been made into a coffee table. Some still have pull hardware on them, some have bolts still in them, some do not. They are all different and each one is like a piece of art in your home! It IS an antique piece but its use is different now.

There are many items on our website at that are lines of furniture made out of "old wood" but there are also many One-Offs. These are pieces like the table above which are all unique and different sizes, and others can be plasma stands, dining tables, etc. They are all different sizes and shapes as they are made of different pieces of old wood, no two exactly the same.
There are two of the below table available in the store right now! Come down to see 8530 - 109 Street, Edmonton • 780.989-1910

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Vintage Exclusives

There are items that are not on our website but can be viewed in the store. Imagine storage yards in India full of architectural elements, aging heirlooms and hidden treasures. Imagine these pieces of history, built into furniture, in your home.

By working closely with Artisans, we are able to take these original elements and create reproductions using genuine old artifacts. There are literally generations of history in every unique piece. While the construction and style of each piece remains the same, the character and distress will always vary giving each piece its own unique charm.

To find your unique gems, simply visit our store and we can find what is available for you.