Saturday, 12 May 2012

People come in and ask if this is an Antique Furniture store... I guess it is and isn't at the same time. In the Reclaimed Furniture world there are items such as a 160-year old solid elm door that has been made into a coffee table. Some still have pull hardware on them, some have bolts still in them, some do not. They are all different and each one is like a piece of art in your home! It IS an antique piece but its use is different now.

There are many items on our website at that are lines of furniture made out of "old wood" but there are also many One-Offs. These are pieces like the table above which are all unique and different sizes, and others can be plasma stands, dining tables, etc. They are all different sizes and shapes as they are made of different pieces of old wood, no two exactly the same.
There are two of the below table available in the store right now! Come down to see 8530 - 109 Street, Edmonton • 780.989-1910

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