Sunday, 13 May 2012

WANTED: A Really Rustic Wood Top Table...

Many of our guests are looking for a reclaimed table with a really rustic style top. While many reclaimed combination woods can look really rustic, I think the Elm is our favourite. Elm has a very large grain with a chunky appeal where any cracking that may happen just adds to its charm. Primarily out of China, old Elm doors make awesome table tops and reclaimed Elm planks are used for consoles such as the Jaden and Kendari collections.

Other reclaimed combination tables are also very chunky and are 100% Eco-friendly! Made from reclaimed and restored teak planks and old wood sourced from old buildings and ship yards. These collections include the Holmes and Aurora.

Note: Each piece is unique. Colors and distress will vary.
Also Note: These pieces are VERY heavy.

 Jaden Reclaimed Elm Console • 68W x 18D x 36H • 110lbs
 Kendari Reclaimed Elm Coffee Table • 60W x 36D x 19H • 88lbs
 Holmes Reclaimed Combination Dining Table • 84W x 39.5D x 30H
 Aurora Reclaimed Combination Dining Table 78W x 32D x 30H

Newton Reclaimed Combination Dining Table 71W x 35D x 30H

If you are interested in any of these items, they are all in stock in Los Angeles right now and available to order. Call or come into the store to see about any sale prices on these pieces.

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