Sunday, 10 June 2012

Vintage Multicolor Furniture —Surprise Shopping!

When you order from most furniture lines, the pieces come in exactly as shown. With a floor model sample to view the finish and color you can surely order matching dressers or sideboards, etc. and they will be exactly what you expected.

This is not so with much of the reclaimed Vintage Multicolored furniture. You can view pieces to see what the finish will be, weight and size. But as far as colors go... that's the surprise! With mostly a cinnamon brown undertone, the colors and distress all vary. We recently ordered 3 (last ones) of a Teak Bed Box with carved front. The picture that these were chosen from was this:

And the ones that showed up were these:

This was just fabulous! Even the carving is a little different on each one.

If you would like to see these interesting one-of-a-kind pieces, come down to The Seven Drawers, 8530 - 109 Street, Edmonton • 780.989.1910

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